Welcome from the Executive Director.

Thank you for your interest in Connecticut Training Center, Inc. We specialize in preparing men and women for rewarding careers in various business, medical, and technical environments. Connecticut Training Center’s faculty is always available to provide assistance and academic counseling to each student. We are well aware that students come to Connecticut Training Center with a variety of academic experiences and backgrounds. Every effort is made by the faculty and staff to integrate these experiences with the requirements of the academic work required. The long-term growth and success of our institution relies heavily on its ability to attract and retain qualified and dedicated faculty and staff.

Connecticut Training Center graduates are recognized by employers throughout the states as well-trained, highly motivated and very confident men and women. Our graduates are well prepared to meet the challenges that a new position demands. You are encouraged to meet with our admissions team, faculty, staff and students and to tour our facilities. Connecticut Training Center is committed to being a quality institution, providing a meaningful education for students who want careers with a secure future.

Please accept my personal invitation to visit the campus. At that time, we hope you will catch the excitement as we continue to expand our campus, our faculty, and our academic mission.

Wishing you every success,

Executive Director

Connecticut Training Center, Inc. has suspended the enrollment of new students.