Connecticut Training Center, Inc. has suspended the enrollment of new students.


Connecticut Training Center, Inc. seeks qualified applicants who desire a career in a variety of business and allied health areas. Aptitude and academic background are important. However, motivation, past work experience, and maturity may be taken into consideration for acceptance.

A personal interview with an admissions representative and a completed admissions application is required for all interested applicants. Acceptance is based upon the attainment of a high school diploma or a General Education Diploma. The Director of Education may make a special exception regarding the high school graduation requirements. Such exception is based upon successful completion of an approved skill evaluation test and the applicant’s exhibited ability to benefit from the program.

All Child Care students need to have a physical exam and a criminal background check on file before beginning their cooperative work assignment.


Students applying to Connecticut Training Center, Inc. for the first time should:

  1. Interview with an Admission Representative.
  2. Complete an Application for Admission.
  3. Submit proof of high school diploma or GED.
  4. Students without a high school diploma or GED must take the Ability to Benefit Test before registration.
  5. Pay a $25.00 application fee.


Former Connecticut Training Center, Inc. students who wish to continue their studies must apply for readmission through the Admissions Office.


The application for admission requires a $25.00 fee that is refundable if the student is not accepted in to the program. All applicants will be informed of their acceptance or rejection within two weeks of application.


Non-matriculated students may take single courses without meeting other entrance requirements upon approval of the Executive Director.