Child care professionals require knowledge and supervised skills in order to provide competent child care in different settings. The Child Care Specialist Program seeks to provide participants with the tools necessary to succeed as a child care professional in either a licensed child day care center or a home child care setting. This program is a hands-on program with heavy emphasis on supervised field work. For those seeking to work in a home child care center, this program includes the small business skills that will help the entrepreneurial child care professional to succeed. For those interested in a licensed child care setting, this program meets the requirements of the CDA credential.

Child Development Associate (CDA) is a nationally recognized professional credential. To date, nearly 52,000 caregivers have earned the CDA credential. With the move toward competence, quality, improved compensation, and uniform standards for early childhood professionals, the number of CDA’s is sure to increase in the years to come. Students attending this program are to complete a criminal check waiver form. This certification must be completed prior to placement in their cooperative work assignment.


The modern automated office is an exciting and challenging place to work. Office professionals routinely use personal computers to run spreadsheets, process information, manage databases, and perform desktop publishing; tasks previously handled by managers and computer professionals. Modem office equipment has drastically changed many jobs, saving time and effort by automating and simplifying tedious and repetitive tasks.

Graduates of this program are equipped to take on the modem office environment. Students use word processing software to prepare all kinds of documents, from simple one-page letters to multi-page newsletters and brochures. In addition, computerized keyboarding classes improve keyboarding speed and accuracy, and spreadsheet and database management courses prepare our graduates for the kind of tasks they will need to perform in their first information processing positions.

Hands-on experience in our training classes and externships-with the modern equipment that is used in today’s offices-gives our students new skills, lots of practice and renewed confidence in their ability to play an important role in the office of tomorrow.


Over the last several years, hospitals and other clinical settings have had to consolidate front-line patient care. The direct patient care professional must be able to complete various tasks formerly associated with medical technicians, nurse aides, LPNs and other health professionals. The new position carries the title “Patient Care Associate” at most area hospitals. The position differs from the Certified Medical Assistant because it is non-basic, totally clinically based, and without the office skills associated with the CMA.

The curriculum that follows has been developed with input from local hospital supervisors and administrators, as well as other area health providers. Students will learn the 23 nursing skills as required to become a CNA. They will also learn basic medical terminology, anatomy & physiology, and basic communication and mathematics skills. Program includes an advanced course in EKG technology, phlebotomy, pharmacology, CPR, basic first aid.

While the focus of the curriculum is to train competent Patient Care Associates, students may elect to seek additional certifications during training. Areas of additional certification include Certified Nurse Aide and Home Health Aide.

All students in this program are required to submit a statement of good health signed by a licensed physician prior to participating in the clinical experience beginning in PCA 110.


This Certified Nurse Aide Certificate Program is designed to provide the student with the fundamental knowledge and skills that are needed to function safely and competently as a nursing assistant under the supervision of a Registered Nurse in agencies and institutions providing health care to the consumer.

This program has been approved by The State of Connecticut Department of Public Health for preparation training toward The Connecticut Nurse Aide Examination.